13. July 2018 | Corporate News

CANCOM SE: Announcement of the 'share split' as a consequence of the capital increase from company's funds and the issuing of bonus shares

Announcement of the “share split” as a consequence of the capital increase from company’s funds and the issuing of bonus shares

Munich, Germany, 13 July 2018 – The Annual General Meeting of CANCOM SE (WKN 541910 / ISIN DE0005419105) on 14 June 2018 resolved to raise the capital stock of the company by means of a capital increase from the company’s funds from EUR 17,521,819.00 by EUR 17,521,819.00 to EUR 35,043,638.00 according to the regulations in §§ 207 et seq. German Stock Corporation Act (AktG). The capital increase is conducted by transforming an amount of EUR 17,521,819.00 from the capital reserve shown in the balance sheet of the financial statements as at 31 December 2017 into capital stock.

The capital increase will be conducted by issuing 17,521,819 new no-par value bearer shares (bonus shares) with a calculated proportion of the capital stock of EUR 1.00 per share. The new shares are entitled to the shareholders at a ratio of 1 : 1 and carry dividend rights as of 1 January 2018. The capital increase from the company’s funds has been recorded in the commercial register of CANCOM SE on 26 June 2018 and thus is effective. The company’s capital stock now amounts to EUR 35,043,638.00 and is divided into 35,043,638 no-par value bearer shares.

The custodian banks will change the securities accounts referring to the status of the evening of 17 July 2018 with a ratio of 1 : 1 and for each existing share enter one additional share into the accounts of the shareholders. The shareholders of CANCOM SE do not have to take any action in connection with the “share split” as a consequence of the capital increase from the company’s funds. The shareholders will receive ownership rights of the global certificate that is deposited at Clearstream Banking AG automatically by means of the change of their securities accounts. According to the Articles of Association of CANCOM SE the claim for individual certification of shares is suspended. The bonus shares with identical ISIN like the existing shares (ISIN DE0005419105) are being included into trading in the regulated market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) as at 16 July 2018. From 16 July 2018 the quotation for the shares of CANCOM SE is being done as “ex bonus shares”. Stock Exchange orders that have not been executed will expire with effect as at the end of 17 July 2018. The already existing proportion of the capital stock of CANCOM SE owned by a shareholder will remain unchanged in the course of the execution of the “share split”.

As Digital Transformation Partner, CANCOM guides businesses into the digital future. The CANCOM Group’s business-oriented IT solution range encompasses consulting, implementation and services. Clients benefit from an extensive expertise and an innovative portfolio that covers business IT requirements for a successful digital transformation with smart business solutions and services in IT trends such as cloud computing, analytics, enterprise mobility or security. The CANCOM Group operates internationally and its more than 2,900 employees worldwide together with its powerful partner network ensure market presence and proximity to clients in, amongst others, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States. CANCOM Group is headed by Klaus Weinmann (Founder and CEO), Rudolf Hotter (COO), Thomas Volk (President and General Manager) and Thomas Stark (CFO). The company’s headquarter is in Munich, Germany. CANCOM SE is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the index TecDAX (ISIN DE0005419105) and the group achieves an annual turnover of more than one billion euros.

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